• Dr. Matt's Most Popular Topics Include:

  • The Good News About Stress: Reprogram Your Brain for Growth & Success

  • The Neuroscience of Safety: Shifting Mindset & Performance in the Workplace

  • Rewire Your Brain, Renew Your Life: Proven Neuroscience Strategies or Freedom, Happiness and Success

  • Unlock the Four Walls of Your Mind Prison: How to Get What You Want and Want What You Get

  • Answer the Call to the Hero’s Journey: Three Truths to a New Life

  • The DNA of Great Leadership

  • The Neuroscience of Change: Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

  • Empower Your Practice: Mind Your Own Business

Dr. Matt Mannino


Keynote speaker Dr. Matt Mannino speaks to companies, business people, students and entrepreneurs who are poised and hungry for growth. He uses his 25 years of combined experience with the Neurosciences, Quantum Physics and Supernatural principles of success to create personal, team, and global transformation.


Dr. Matt’s trainings and presentations are content rich, relevant, and have immediate application. His unique and effective system of personal transformation is designed to produce spontaneous and lasting results both personally and professionally.


Dr. Matt dispels the illusion that experiencing growth in your life involves controlling and manipulating your external circumstances. His system of life transformation, Quantum Emergence®, ushers in a new era of personal development as it is the only system that empowers you to create immediate, permanent and significant growth based upon your internal highest self, deepest core values and personal truth


“Working with Dr. Matt and the Quantum Emergence system has been an eye -opening, exhilarating, challenging, empowering and life-changing introduction to myself.  It goes far beyond blind spots and limiting beliefs to affect lasting subconscious change which allows your highest and best self to break through and emerge.  If you want measurable positive 360 degree impact and tools that you can use the rest of your life to experience growth in all areas, then working with Dr. Matt and the Quantum Emergence system are a must.”


-Darius Green

Keyser - co founder

Relentless Occupier Champions - founder


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