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Dr. Matt Mannino

Hi this is Dr. Matt, your guide to personal and professional GROWTH!  I live the principles I teach and love pursuing my purpose and passions and empowering others to do the same. I am committed to helping you overcome life challenges and struggles and start experiencing your highest potential.  Embrace the challenge to CHANGE and enter the GROW Zone!



    I help GROW your COMPANY.  Using my model of the Neuroscience of Growth, I support all levels of business to create positive and lasting CHANGE within the individual, teams and organization.  This results in increased engagement, creativity and productivity.




    I help GROW your BEING. 

    My live experiential events are transformational.  While attending my Masterclass Series Events, you will BECOME the positive change you are seeking.  Live the magic of growth with me and other like minds at our next event.


    I help GROW your VISION. 

    To help you get on the fast track to growth, just ask for my FREE eBook or schedule a complimentary discovery session to find out how we can best support your next steps to transformation. Get clarity, confidence and direction for unlimited possibilities for your life! 



    I help GROW your UNIQUENESS. My one-on-one personal mentoring is a powerful eye opening and life transforming experience. Together, we’ll access places in your heart you didn’t know you had. You will never be the same…You will be who you were created to be. APPLY HERE and we will follow up with you.


    I help GROW your MIND, MONEY and MOTIVATION.

    My online virtual training is the fastest and most effective ways to create positive change now! This program is created for you to experience BREAKTHROUGH in all areas of your life in the comfort of your own home.  I offer courses for all budgets all with money back guarantees. 


    I help GROW your PURPOSE for PROSPERITY. 

    Are you looking for a more spiritual approach to the ABUNDANT life? Then download my free ebook: NOW Prosperity Is!  You’ll learn how to overcome the 3 poverty paradigms that hold you back from creating true prosperity!


I wanted you to know that what you are doing, your research and your teachings, are working.  If it's true that only 1% of people who say they want change will actually see it through, it must be rather frustrating to be the one urging on the masses.  I can't imagine the level of commitment and love for people that it requires to keep doing this with those low odds, but I thank you for having it. I truly have breakthroughs every time I use your trainings. So much so, that I am living my very best life right now. I started writing a book many years ago, but I played small.  After your trainings, I knew that writing is my purpose.  So I submitted a piece to a magazine here in Montana and they loved it.  I've been writing for them now on a monthly basis.  They even featured me in their July issue, not my articles, me.  I'm making money!  Using my purpose!  I use your tools Every. Single. Day.  I'd still be playing small if not for those tools. I know 1% is not much, but this 1% is so so grateful and she is playing big. Thank you Dr. Matt! 

Amanda Kreig

Dr Matt Mannino’s work is all inspiring, rich and ultimate transformation. This man and his teachings has shown me that the way to escape and trample my fears is to face them with clarity & dignity.  I have learned skills to discover The Truth which helps set me free and keeps me growing, learning & expanding with purpose. The knowledge and tools I receive from Dr Mannino helps me perform better in helping others upscale their lives. In short, his work is incredible, unmeasurable and life changing. I recommend it in the highest regard.  It will shift your life as it has mine.

Lisa Bingenheimer

Dr. Matt, I’ve had dramatic results in every aspect of my life by applying some simple techniques that I learned from your Quantum Emergence system. They absolutely work!

Greg White

FOUR DAYS FOR RESULTS!... Seriously, who does that? Well I did. After studying his site, I found myself on a webinar with Dr. Matt about “limiting beliefs” which led to even more questions so I obtained a copy of his e-book on the website. In 2 days the university I have been wanting to attend enrolled me for the fall session with a scholarship. After the fourth day, my other desire to become ordained, my certification appeared! It really is exactly as he describes were manifesting and creating seems effortless. It took a moment to accept and receive that the positive change was actually real. I pray my experience is helpful. It would bring me great joy to know others feel as blessed as I do.

Jessica Knight

STOP Struggling & START Growing

Get FREE instant access to the

SUBCONSCIOUS PLAYBOOK: How to Upgrade Your Beliefs and Live Your Best Life!



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